We thought this would be great for you. How about a massage session with Drago? Do not miss this excellent opportunity and let yourself be pampered. We have a variety of massages, which will make you feel great.

You can choose between:

  • Tuina
  • Shiatsu
  • Thai
  • Deep tissue
  • Reflexology
  • Relaxing Hawaiian
  • Physio

Tuina Massage 50 Min.

A Chinase massage relaxes stiff muscles, suppresses migraines, improves overall health, relieves pain and removes the causes of illness by applying acupressure points.

Shiatsu Massage 50 Min.

A Japanese pressure massage that works with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of being.

Thai Massage 50 Min.

It relieves general tension, tendons, joints, muscles, improves mobility, passive stretching and pressure massage. 

Deep Tissue Massage 50 Min.

A set of massage techniques, the masseur uses deep pressure with thumbs, palms, but also elbows, forearms, and knees in order to release chronically stiff and painful parts of the body.

Reflexology Massage 50 Min.

RStimulating the pressure points on the soles of the feet has a beneficial effect on some other parts of the body.

Hawaiian Relaxing Massage

Hawaiian relaxing massage -  Beautiful healing massages the masseur achieves deep relaxation of the client with specific techniques by forearm uses a lot of oil.

Physio Massage 50 Min.

It includes elements of stretching with postisometric relaxation, trigger points, soft techniques, deep tissue, reflexology, gentle mobilization and manual techniques.

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